Did You Know Our Markets are Not Fair or Efficient and Have Substantial Hidden Costs?

Every single day, tens-of-millions of investors overpay for income-producing securities and consequently lose money because they pay taxes on income they never earned!

What Does FairShares Do?

FairShares believes that our markets should be fair and efficient – and should not have hidden costs. Unfortunately, today’s global stock markets are neither fair nor efficient and have substantial hidden costs. These hidden and undisclosed costs reduce the net worth of all taxable investors each time they invest their hard earned money.

We believe investors deserve better!

So we did something about it. FairShares has created a global patent portfolio and integrated product suite for the purpose of fixing our broken capital markets and protecting investors from loss. FairShares products allow investors to keep more of what they earn and enjoy a better quality of life in retirement. Bottom Line: We built the operating system which enables global stock markets to trade efficiently and fairly. We believe investors have a right to invest in a market which works for them – not against them.

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ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility

ESG conscientious investors expect companies seeking a high ESG score to demonstrate an uncompromising level of ethics and integrity, morals, fiduciary duty, transparency, and adherence to securities laws. Any security issuer or market infrastructure provider who does not disclose the hidden costs in their securities or does not take actions to protect investors from avoidable loss should fall short of their “Social” and “Governance” ESG obligations. If you are a publicly traded company that is mindful of your Corporate Social Responsibilities and want to protect your investors from the losses they suffer when they invest money in your company, please contact us. By working together, we can make a difference in the lives of the people who entrust their money to you.

ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility

Ready to offer Fair and Efficient Markets to your Investors? Leverage our integrated Product Applications.

App #1 – RoboTax

Used by brokers/custodians to create accurate tax forms. Offers immediate protection from loss for hundreds of millions of investors globally. Upload a file and press a button. 

App #2 – FairShares

Create the best performing investment funds. Build an entirely new market infrastructure for equities and fixed income. Completely eliminate inefficiencies and price securities fairly with FairShares. 

App #3 – Disclosure Data

Fulfill your regulatory disclosure requirements by leveraging our disclosure data product. Allow investors to understand risk before committing capital and to evaluate alternatives. Currently seeking data partners for mass distribution.

App #4 – Investor Education

This specialized education cannot be found anywhere else in the world. By understanding the inefficiencies in our markets, investors and fiduciaries can minimize risk and maximize returns.