Global Stock Markets are Antiquated and it’s
Costing Investors Billions


Every year, investors lose tens of billions of dollars of hard-earned money due to an accounting problem known as buying a dividend. Pending FTC regulations and legislation will make buying a dividend illegal. The financial services industry is unprepared. 


FairShares has developed an international patent portfolio and the software needed to upgrade our out-of-date market infrastructure and protect 1 Billion investors globally. We help firms comply with pending FTC regulations that ban hidden costs.

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Buying a Dividend Causes

Inflated Security Values
Security Values
Material Investor Losses
Investor Losses
Excessive Management Fees
Management Fees

Problem —

Example Of Investor Harm

An Investor Who Buys 5,000 Shares of a Security Paying a $1.50 Distribution and Having a 30% Tax Rate, Will Lose $2,250






Tax Rate


Investor Loss

Solution —
Solution: Upload a File and Press a Button
FairShares built the international patent portfolio and the operating system needed to upgrade our inefficient and punitive markets, price securities fairly, and protect investors from unjust taxation and losses.
Solution: Upload a File and Press a Button

Here is How We
Protect Investors

Our Product Portfolio

Products —

DistributionRisk Analytics:
Investor Disclosure and Risk Management
  • Provides the data needed to increase after-tax returns.
  • Fiduciaries can protect clients from losses.
  • DistributionRisk Analytics is available online or via API.
  • Allows securities issuers, custodians, and brokers to comply with federal disclosure laws and pending FTC regulations that ban hidden costs.

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DistributionRisk Analytics

Products —

RoboTax: Investors Deserve Protection from Losses
  • Protects investors from unjust taxation.
  • Creates accurate tax forms for Brokers and Custodians.
  • Amends previously filed tax returns to make investors whole.
  • Upload a file and press a button.
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Products —

CleanNAV Tech: Outperform All Traditional Investment Funds
  • Create Structural Alpha: Funds powered by FairShares trade at a discount to their traditional counterparts.
  • Buyers and sellers are protected from unjust taxation.
  • Investors earn income every day – like an interest-bearing savings account.
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CleanNAV Tech

Can FairShares Get
Investor’s Money Back?

Our Mission is To Make Investors Whole By Correcting Their Tax Forms

Our product RoboTax can be used to amend your previously filed tax returns to #GetYourMoneyBack.

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Let politicians and Wall Street know you want to be taxed fairly and that you want to be reimbursed for your tax overpayments by using the hashtag #GetYourMoneyBack

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Do You Want to Make a Difference and Keep More of What You Earn?

As an investor, you have a legal right to vote on how your investment funds are managed. If overvalued securities and investor losses are unacceptable to you, you should speak up and allow your voice to be heard.

By working together, we can convince financial services companies to protect your hard-earned money and to treat you fairly.

Your Silence Gives Consent


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Make Smarter Investment Decisions with DistributionRisk Analytics
Increase your buying power, minimize losses, and maximize after-tax returns with DistributionRisk Analytics. Our software helps investors understand and mitigate hidden risks in income-producing securities, allowing you to make more money and keep more of what you earn. Take control of your investments and try DistributionRisk Analytics today.
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