Disclosure Data

  • Generate a Risk Dashboard to show you the hidden costs and risks in over 3000+ income-producing securities. Track risks in real-time.
  • Understand estimated buyer and seller losses before committing capital to minimize losses and maximize returns.
  • Monitor risk in customized portfolios and watchlists.
  • Create customizable alerts when risk is low or high.
  • Search for alternative securities with lower Distribution Risk profiles.
  • Available on FairShares.com or via API License for Fiduciaries and Data Providers.
  • Corporate subscriptions available.
  • Patented technology.
Disclosure Data


Learn Why Disclosure Data Is a Critical Tool For Fiduciaries And Investors To Maximize Returns And Protect Clients

Disclosure Data

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Estimate Ordinary Income Losses Before Committing Captial

Estimate Qualified Income Losses Before Committing Capital

Understand the Distribution Premium and its Impact on Buying Power

Security Specific Risk Assessments on 3000 Securities with More Securities Added Soon

Time Your Purchases To Lower Risk

Evaluate Risk For Sellers

Quantify the Future Value of Your Tax Loss

Track the Real-Time Risk in Your Current Portfolio

Create Watchlists to Track Real-Time Risk

Set Customized Alerts To Notify You When Risk is Low

Search a Universe of Securities By Their Level of Risk

Many More Features Coming Soon!