FairShares Products

Our integrated suite of apps create Fair and Efficient markets – protecting investors from avoidable losses and ultimately making investors more money.


App #1 – RoboTax

RoboTax protects hundreds of millions of investors globally from the losses they suffer when buying income-producing securities. Protecting investors is as simple as uploading a file and pressing a button. Losses result from the accounting treatment of dividends and capital gains in a last holder of record payment system, which requires the payable distributions to be included in the security’s price. This market structure flaw is known as “buying a dividend.” Brokers, custodians, transfer agents, platforms, and security issuers can leverage the power of RoboTax to produce accurate tax forms, protect investors and adhere to their best interest or fiduciary duty. RoboTax solves the dreaded end-of-year capital gain distribution problems associated with investment funds. FairShares is currently building APIs to protect investors with money at firms that do not offer RoboTax.

App #2 – FairShares – Create Structural Alpha 

Security issuers and market participants can leverage FairShares to create the most efficient securities in the world by creating structural alpha. Structural alpha is the ability to enhance the return profile of a security by improving the way distributions are made. FairShares securities trade at a discount when compared with traditional securities and have no adverse tax consequences. Investors in securities “Powered by FairShares” can purchase more shares and enjoy higher yields and after-tax returns. FairShares technology enables, for the first time, a truly efficient market.


App #3 – Disclosure Data

Disclosing risks and costs associated with purchasing or selling a security is a fundamental requirement of international securities laws. Unfortunately, the risks resulting from the accounting treatment of dividends and capital gains are not disclosed to investors. Non-disclosure creates substantial hidden costs for investors and makes it impossible for them to understand their risk before committing capital. Disclosure Data provides investors with an estimate of their potential losses and impaired buying power before committing capital. A data provider distributes Disclosure Data to financial firms and investment platforms to fulfill their regulatory disclosure requirements and protect investors.

App #4 – Investor Education – Coming Soon!

Knowledge is Power! Educate yourself about the hidden risks in our stock market. Until every firm provides investors with FairShares, RoboTax, and Disclosure Data, investors must proactively take steps to protect themselves from these hidden risks. Learn how to minimize your losses and maximize your returns. We offer a comprehensive digital course to help educate the global investment community. This Distribution Risk Management course is crucial for fiduciaries and anyone who has a duty to act in their client’s best interest. Incorporating Distribution Risk Management principles into standard investment processes, protects your clients and ensures you are compliant with securities laws. Bulk licenses of the course are available for financial firms, regulators, financial educators and universities.

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