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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use RoboTax?

RoboTax can be used by anyone to produce an accurate tax form. We are working on building the APIs necessary to streamline getting you an accurate tax form as a part of your FairShares.com membership.

Have you spoken to the SEC about FairShares?

Yes, we spoke with the SEC about our technology in the summer of 2020. We also spoke with an SEC Commissioner on May 16, 2022. A detailed analysis of those conversations is available upon request.

Is FairShares a new type of security?

No FairShares is not a new type of security. FairShares is a new payment system that can be used to improve the buying power and performance of any income-producing security.

Are you planning to add more products to the FairShares.com membership??

Yes! We have a lot of products we will be releasing to our members. All of these products add transparency to the investment process and make investors more money. Click here to view our online Distribution Risk Management Course.